6x6 SA - The ultimate solution to all off road challenges in Southern Africa.

At 6X6 South Africa, we provide the ultimate solution to all off road challenges in Southern Africa.
We are a sister Company of the very successful 6X6 Australia (Pty) Ltd.

We are now building the ultimate 6X6 drivetrain right here in South Africa in conjunction with 6X6 Australia (Pty) Ltd.

Our drivetrains currently cater for the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 series, single and double cab range of vehicles only.

Military Spec Vehicles

6X6 Australia (Pty) Ltd has been building these military spec vehicles already since 1992. All the components have been thoroughly torture tested in the most extreme conditions to ensure a trouble free conversion.

Our 6×6 drivetrain is the ultimate drivetrain available on the market for 6 wheel drive. The unique patented suspension design allows for extreme independent axle movement and wheel travel (in excess of 400mm).

The 6×6 design ensures an evenly distributed load on all the drivetrain components in extreme off road situations. The design also allows the vehicle to carry a payload in excess of 3000kg in the most severe off road conditions imaginable but still maintaining exemplary handling at highway speeds.

We do suspension and chassis modifications to cater for our ultimate suspension system to be mated with your Land Cruiser.

We supply the most versatile 6X6 platform available on the planet!

Our 6×6 suspension conversions are aimed at the leisure, and mining markets as well as contract work in hostile off-road environments. The conversions are also popular for off road firefighting and rescue services.